Monday, October 28, 2013

An Evening With My Youngest Friend

If you only socialize with those close to your own age, you're really missing out. In my recent post My Friend Mary, I shared a story of an older person who is fabulous.

I spent my Sunday evening with my favorite 8 year old.

She brought a small pumpkin and dried out paints to decorate it. While studiously painting, we discussed salty foods vs. sweet foods, and decided that salted caramels are the perfect food.

I offered her a coupon for a free sundae from Dairy Queen - She said "No thanks, I don't take things from people." I said, "Okay, I'll give it to your mom." She said, "Mom doesn't take things from people either." I said, "OK, I'll just throw it away." Pause.... "Well, if you're just going to throw it away..."

She then told me how much she misses her dog Maddie, that died last year. Then she got in the floor and played with my dog and we laughed like fools.

She wanted to draw and asked me what she should draw. I suggested a cat, and she said she can't draw cats. I told her I'd show her how, and drew the circle head, triangle eyes and nose, bla bla bla. Then she took the pen and drew this:

And then this:

A gangnam style cat is no easy task...

We texted the cat pics to my daughter, the art foundations teacher, and then my young friend said, "Well, I should lay down now, since I have to get up at 7:30 for school. But wake me up when your phone dings that Jess saw my pictures."

The phone soon dinged, and then my friend was out.

Please take a moment to tell me about either your oldest or youngest friend!


  1. First, I have to agree that salted carmel anything is absolutely heaven! Second, I LOVE the cat pictures! What talent!

    I found that an extra advantage of home schooling is that my kids and I enjoy friends of all ages. My youngest friend outside of the family would be Annie. She just turned 10 and is quite a character. She has always reminded me of my middle son, sticking up for the underdog, never afraid to speak her mind, and offering friendship to all. My life is quite a bit grander for this friendship. God has truly blessed me.

    Thanks for the most enjoyable post!

    1. Renee, my daughter is much like Annie and your son, always sticking up for the underdog and speaking her mind. I really love that. Also, I've looked at your art many times, and just can't seem to make a choice! I'm always drawn to the beach scenes, but the one in my cart is far from the beach...thanks for what you do!