Friday, July 4, 2014

America's Having a Party and I'm Not Going

Dear America,

Today we celebrate your birthday. I’m wondering – are you tired? I only ask because as I’ve aged, my idea of a good celebration has changed. And you are way older than me.

My birthdays used to consist of cakes and presents and lots of people at a party, with maybe some dancing and alcohol involved.

Today, all across the country we celebrate you, in much the same way I used to celebrate, although I don’t recall any fireworks shot off in my honor. Or parades.

My recent birthday celebrations have included having a few close friends over. Very low key, just the way I like it.

I’m celebrating your birthday differently now too. I’m not going out, or having friends over. I may fire up the bbq grill, but more likely I’ll plug in the Foreman grill.

My dog has been stressed since the noise started nearly a month ago. She doesn't understand your birthday party and why it lasts so long.

I’ll have the best view around tonight, from my deck, where I’ll watch a show in the night sky and try to ponder how proud I am to live in this great country. I say try because it's more likely I'll be pondering why the neighbors leave their dogs out even though they know they're scared, and also whether those bottle rockets are going to land on my roof and start a fire. 

Home. In America. Where I have the freedom to decide how I want to spend the holiday.

Happy Birthday, from me and the dog.