Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's National Cat Day and I'm Not Celebrating

It's National Cat Day and first I'd like to say...why? Why is there a cat day? I suppose it isn't as bad as National Turkey Neck Soup Day (March 30, if you'd like to mark your calender), but at least on Turkey Neck Soup Day you could make a pot of soup and maybe a cake shaped like a turkey neck.

If you think Turkey Neck Day is weird, check out this website. Every stinking day it's something. Fig Newton Day...give me a break. And who got to decide that we'd all celebrate National Pfeffernuesse Day on December 23rd? I mean, isn't that National Start Your Christmas Shopping Day?

We're not celebrating Cat Day over here, but I had a talk with the cat so she wouldn't hold her cat breath all day, waiting for an empty bag or box or some toy that she would immediately shove under the fridge and lose.

After our talk, she took a nap.

Then she looked around to see where I was, and where the spray bottle full of water was. After determining that her odds of getting squirted were pretty low, she leapt onto the kitchen counter, dropped off some cat hair, and stole two pens, which entertained her until they disappeared under the fridge about 30 seconds later.

Irritated over the loss of her pens, she found a spot of carpet that she hadn't yet clawed to bits and went to work. Then she ate some kibble and curled up for another nap.

I started feeling guilty about Cat Day and considered giving her an empty box to play in. Then I decided if I caved and acknowledged this day, it could lead to very bad things when Turkey Neck and Fig Newton Days roll around.

And I'd be forced to figure out what a Pfeffernuesse is.


  1. Hilarious! Who knew, right? I never would have guessed that there'd be a day (national one at that) that people celebrated their cat. I prefer goldfish. Maybe there's a holiday for them, too.

    1. Benita, I am sad to say that there most likely is a national goldfish day. Thanks for coming by!

  2. Well, good luck when Turkey Neck day comes by! I'd love to try some of that soup! :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Marya, I had a good friend who could make excellent soup from any bone, but I am not up for the turkey neck challenge : ) Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. I'm surprised that there was anything other than cat pictures on the internet yesterday. Oh wait, isn't every day "cat day" on the internet? I guess I'd rather see pictures of kittens playing in cardboard boxes than pictures of turkey neck soup!

  5. I guess there's a reason that HuffPo nevers posts "Ten Turkey Necks That Will Melt Your Heart." Heh. Thanks for coming over Theresa!