Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Guest

My mother is ill and asked me to take care of her dog. Well, not really a dog - a poodle. Knowing it would break Mom's heart to send Coco off with strangers, I said yes without hesitation. This way she can still see Coco Loco and know that she is cared for.

I've always thought standard poodles were kind of cool. Goofy looking, but smart and seemingly unaware that they look rediculous. But mini poodles just look goofy and yap a lot.

I realized just after leaving Mom's drive that the poodle has never ridden in a car, except to go to the vet. She whined and shook for three hours. After I let her out to pee she relaxed a little.

At Mom's everything is in its proper place, and if not Coco barks or growls at a misplaced object until you put it where it belongs. She doesn't know what to make of my disorganized new house. Makes her dizzy, makes her bark.

I also quickly realized that Coco Puff has not been socialized. New people, animals, and noises scare her. And she smells like a dog. So I dropped her off at doggy daycare for a bath and play, where she discovered other dogs and learned some cool tricks with balls. And got orange bows attached to her ears. I have enough balls under my couch to fill one of those McDonald's play-things. And the orange bows are going to clash with her Halloween costume.

Coco has her own room at mom's. I feel kind of sorry for her so I put her frou-frou bed and her lovey, Pooh Bear, in my bed each night. Now when she sees me getting into my jammies she finds Pooh and hands him to me to put to bed with her. This whole scenario pretty much ensures that I'll never have a man in my bed again.

I always thought I might become a crazy old cat lady, but I never expected this dang poodle thang. And now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get the baby to bed.