Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I recently took a class with Writer Mama extraordinaire Christina Katz, and she asked us what, if we were to publish our own magazine, we would call it and who our target audience would be. I have no idea. I'm not going to start a magazine, but will start my blog.

I used to be too nice. Doormat nice. Those days are gone. "If you can't say something nice..." has been replaced with "Sorry, it just fell out of my mouth." So welcome to my blog, where the fallout can be found in print, for anyone who would like to spew along with me, and hopefully have a chuckle or two in the process.

The other day my daughter and I were going to meet at Borders for coffee and magazine night. I got there first, saw two ladies, one probably the other's mother, heading out, so I waited and held the door for them. They said nothing. I was the invisible doorman. "You're welcome" fell out of my mouth. They were just engrossed in their own mother-daughter conversation and had forgotten their manners, which I realized when they said "Oh, sorry." I shared this experience with Jess when she arrived, and a couple of days later she called my cell, laughing. She had just arrived at Starbucks, held the door for an older lady who had her hands full of lattes, and then used my line when the woman ignored her kindness. Granny spun on her heels, probably contemplating slinging a cup of burning hot coffee at the door-holder, and spewed "OH How RUDE!" Yes, how rude indeed.

Perhaps even more surprising than people who forget their pleases and thank you's are the numbers of people who show genuine surprise and appreciation for a simple act of kindness like holding a door. So hold the door for someone today. It makes you feel good. Usually.