Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Blog Challenge Inside A Blog Challenge and Some Things I've Learned

Suzan St Maur recently posted a challenge to write a blog post of 26 sentences, in order, from A to Z. Take a look at her post here. I got busy writing mine and then realized I'd written entire paragraphs for each letter. Oopsie. Here's the edited version:

As the Ultimate Blog Challenge draws toward its end, I’m thinking of things I learned, and here they are, in alphabetical order.

Be active in the group, and you’ll meet great people.

Create good content. 

Don’t participate in the comment chain and then leave comments that say something vague, like “Good post.” 

Even if you really read it and thought it good, lazy comments sound like you couldn't be bothered with reading.

Find your voice and use it.

Give credit where credit is due - if someone’s post gave you a great idea for your own blog, thank them. 

Have some fun and then write about it!

It is easier to write a post per day than to try and catch up after missing one. 

Just do it.

Kill your darlings. 

Learn from others. 

Make a list of ideas for upcoming posts, and keep adding to it.

Never be a Negative Nelly.

Overlooking errors?

Put it away for a while, and when you get back to it, proofread. 

Quit making excuses.


Stop comparing yourself to others. 


Use your friends and family for blog material, with permission, of course.

Visit the blogs of those who leave comments for you. 

Whining is for children and dogs, so no whining online.

Xanax is an option if you find yourself checking your blog stats every 10 minutes and/or begging others to leave comments for you. 

You really shouldn’t get so worked up. 

Zebras are cool. 

I really haven't learned a thing about zebras, but if you write a blog post about them, I'll read it.

So tell me - what have you learned? Be sure to visit Suzan's blog, because she's posted an update on the A to Z, and there's a prize involved. 


  1. I love these. Thanks for sharing--so creative!

    1. Thank you Kirsten! I appreciate you coming over : )

  2. Oh, This is really fantastic! I know that I have a lot to learn about blogging-- and am surely guilty of leaving a quick comment because my brain is exhausted and it's almost midnight... Whine whine!

    But what is "K"?
    Thanks so much for the fun post and the great ideas!

  3. Renee, you are not the only one with a lot to learn. I need some serious help! I left a quick and stupid comment on a blog late one night and if I could remember which one it is I'd go back and apologize - I read the entire post and found it excellent, but I'm sure that wasn't conveyed in my comment. So maybe another tip would be to only comment when you're awake!

    Kill your darlings means cut out anything that isn't necessary to get your point across or the story told. I should have been more clear, as THAT could easily be misunderstood.

    Thanks for stopping by!