Saturday, October 5, 2013

Message to the Boss

I forgot to tell you
I wouldn’t be in today and
probably not tomorrow either as
my mind and soul urgently need
to create a different sort of product
than they do for you.

I hope you understand that
this project will take more time than,
say, a doctor appointment for my yearly
mammogram. And it is so much more complicated.

Should clients inquire please tell them that
they will live without me for a day or two, and
that I’ll be back soon,
when my poem is written.


  1. Great attempt at poetry! I was thinking it would be something deep but couldn't help but smile ... and yes, laugh as I read on. Yep - now that the poem is written, will you dare send it to the boss? :D

    1. Hi Luchie,
      Fortunately, now I am my own boss, although most days I should fire myself! Glad I made you smile, and thanks for stopping by.

  2. I was sad when I finished because I felt that meant you had to go back to work. lol. I like it a lot. Very cute.

    Missy Bell

  3. Thanks Missy! I've got to check out your posts about ghosts : )