Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 9: Kicking My Butt

I’ve been participating in Christina Katz's 21 Moments Writing Challenge for a few months now. It’s simply an example of good writing, received via email each morning, as inspiration and a gentle reminder to write. 

Participants are to write at least 200 words per day, for 21 days of the month. You may use the email examples as prompts, or write whatever you wish. 

It isn’t homework. You don’t turn it in.

At the end of each month, you may submit one of your writing “moments” that you have edited and polished, and if Christina chooses it as an excellent example, you receive the next round of 21 Moments at no charge.

I see it as a little kick in the pants to remind me to put the words to paper.

After participating in 21 Moments for a while, I heard about the Ultimate Blog Challenge, and had to wonder why, if I can write something every day, that I can’t seem to do anything with the old blog. So I signed up. How hard could it be? 

By day three I was at a loss. This is not playing around with a few words every day that you might review and make something good from later, and nobody will ever know if you don’t. 

This is start it and finish it and edit it and post it for complete strangers, who are probably better writers and more successful and better than you in every possible way, to read and judge. Yeah, that.

No pressure.

Christina’s little kick in the pants did not prepare me for this UBC ass kicking. I’m still glad I did it, anyway. It’s got me back in the blogging habit, and has helped with the procrastination due to perfectionism problem.

Sometimes you just have to take a breath and hit the Publish button.

Thank goodness there are also Edit and Delete buttons.


  1. I know how you feel. I missed yesterday with our busy schedule. I hope to catch up, but this butt kicking is totally what I needed to get moving. I'm loving it!

    1. I needed it too Amanda! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. HI! Saw your post at UBC.

    This is the first time I've ever participated in any type of challenge like this.

    The problem it's posed for me is not the amount of content that I need to write, it's that I write for a newspaper and also am a contributor on another person's blogs... but I can't use those b/c I don't technically 'own' those sites, even though they are my articles and I own them.

    So where I was writing almost everyday before, now some days I'm writing two...

    What I've done is get ahead of the game. I have 2 days a week that I write 2-3 articles and then I don't have to 'cram'...

    I like to write with a free mind, not a 'gotta' get this done. I can do the deadline, but prefer not too. I like to stay ahead ;-)

    Although I do feel that the challenge has helped me to keep on track and be committed...
    ... and they say that once you do something consistently for 27 days, it becomes a habit! So that is a good habit to get into.
    Good luck!

    1. Hi Jean,
      Definitely a good idea to get 2 or 3 ahead, and I hope the habit sticks for me! Thanks for coming by.

  3. Once you find a subject that you are passionate about, the words will come. Do you have an interest in learning about a new subject? I chose to write about all things in the US that I could find that were reported to have paranormal activity, since I have always been fascinated by it. The daily subjects are plentiful, now it's just keeping up with writing 2 blogs for the challenge. I know, I'm insane.

    It can be a struggle to find something for my "Peace and Happiness Project" some days but when I search inside, there it is.

    This post was great. One phrase that hit me was, "procrastination due to perfectionism problem." I suffer from the same thing. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone. Keep up the writing. You have a great style.

    Missy Bell

  4. Thanks for your insights, Missy. I'm working on stuff for another website, so I have lots of ideas for that, but this blog tends to be just funny stories and silliness, so I try to keep to that. I can't believe you're doing the challenge times two!

  5. I agree with Missy. Your style is engaging, your writing clear. Don't worry about it being perfect; it already is. Thanks for opening my eyes to these challenges, too.

  6. P.S. I have some antique ironstone, too. Love it.

  7. Hi Lynette! I'd swear I repled to you the day you commented, but I must have been so excited that you came by that I forgot to hit the publish button : ) Thanks so much for the kind words.