Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring Cleaning Fun

F is for Fun with Fur.

Let's get crafty while spring cleaning. Let me assure you we aren't making anything from rabbit fur or fox fur or any fur from any animal that ugly humans kill for profit. That's just wrong.

Nope. I'm talking home decor you can make from things you already have on hand. Like dog fur.

You'll need:

An old boring pillow you don't use any more
Plastic wrap
Dog fur

Check under the beds and behind the sofa for wads of hair your pets dropped off. If you are left short, phone a friend. A local groomer was happy to provide me with fur. A friend with six large dogs mailed a package, with love, from her pets.

Wrap the pillow in plastic wrap. This protects it in case you decide to change up the look later.
Squirt glue generously on top side of pillow.
Throw wads of fur on glue, pressing gently to stick.
Allow this side to dry, turn pillow over, and repeat, being sure to cover entire pillow surface.
Remove dog hair that is now glued to your fingers.

And there you have it. A fresh look for spring without spending a dime. Now stop goofing off and go clean something.


  1. I hope you have shared your dog fur pillow craft on Pinterest. It will be trending with all the other dog lovers!

  2. OK, gnarly. Hahahahahaha! Does Coco donate fur for free?

    1. Coco never donates, but Damcat sheds enough for the both of them. Thanks for coming by!

  3. Absolutely dying. You know, I see a set of those fur pillows in my future too.