Monday, April 11, 2016

Ouch, ouch!

I is for Itaiitai. 

Itaiitai is also often spelled itai itai, or itai-itai.

Here's a tidbit from The Superior Person's Book of Words, by Peter Bowler:

ITAIITAI   n.  A bone disease caused by cadmium. Said to be derived from the Japanese equivalent for "Ouch, ouch!" The interest of this to the lexicographer lies in the possibility of forming similar neologisms in English to provide more directly meaningful names for other diseases and conditions. Thus, "Eek, eek!" for arachnophobia; "Er, er" for aphasia; "Unh, unh!" for constipation; "Ha, ha!" for alopecia; "Oh, no!" for impotence; and so on.

Unh, unh!

Now I'm having fun coming up with my own names. How about "Eww, eww!" for halitosis?

Wanna play? Got any meaningful names for a disease or condition?


  1. wee-wee for incontinence ? ; )

  2. J here, of the #atozchallenge Arlee Bird's A to Z Ambassador Team.
    How has the challenge been going for you so far? Are you meeting your goals of posting and hopping to other blogs?
    My blog's giveaways are still going! I'm encouraging everyone to visit more stops.
    I haven't heard of this. Good job with the post.
    You seem stuck on I instead of up to L. Everything all right?

    1. Hi J, thanks for coming by! I had blog issues for a few days and had to abandon the A to Z ship.

  3. goo poo (the runs). Too funny and I learned a word I never knew.

  4. Hi, it's John from the A to Z Challenge. It looks like you stopped kind of abruptly and I was just wondering if everything's all right. Anything I can do?

    John Holton
    Blogging from A to Z Challenge Co-Host
    The Sound of One Hand Typing

    1. Hi John, my blog went wonky - everything was literally upside down and backward for days, and I jumped ship. See you next year!