Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Fool and His Money

Have you ever been cheated out of money?

Whether a small overcharge in a store or a major scam, being cheated leaves you poorer and often feeling like a fool.

I was recently looking for rental homes on the Oregon coast when I ran across this beauty:

Nice, eh? The stated location didn't match the things the ad said were in walking distance, but I thought it was an oversight or maybe the owners take very long walks.

I emailed, telling them a little about myself and asking a few questions about the home and lease terms.

I received a long response, mostly about the "good character" of the owner and how he's a "true man of God." He suggested I drive by (although I'd already told him I live states away), ignore the for sale sign, as the realtor would remove it, and let him know. He would then send his "questionnaire."

He gave me the street address. The house is on every real estate site imaginable, and the price dropped the day he told me the sign would be removed.

I replied saying that I had a friend drive by and it looked great. He sent me his "questionnaire" and some of his "missionary photos." A lovely family! His questionnaire included a request for photos of my family. Standard stuff, right? And of course he wanted to know when I plan to pay the deposit and first month's rent.

My friend Tonia shared a tweet with me today that said a new book was unique because it "combed genres." I couldn't help but reply by tweeting that combing genres is unique indeed. Personally, I prefer to brush mine.

Then I went to Amazon to check out the preview. The author thanked his editor in the front matter, and then the party started.

"... his remarkably fit bronze body is against mines."

"I shout to the top of my lungs not giving a damn what my neighbors can hear me."

"I see plucked red and white rose pedals."

Oh, hell, this is bad. Very bad. If the errors aren't enough, there are also gems like, "I sit cradled in his arms as he munches on my goodies." And, of course, the narrators name is Ms. Fux.

I looked up the editor. She has an LLC for her PROfessional editing biz. God help us all.

So. Whatever you hope to accomplish, please do your homework first.


  1. That cartoon...dying!!! And Ms. Fux! Bahahaha! I'm so glad you're wise to the asshats and not getting ripped off!

    1. Thank you. Thank you very much : )