Saturday, October 22, 2011

Senior and Single

Since turning fifty, the only thing more fascinating than the vast array of offers I receive from AARP is the email I receive with the subject line reading "Sexy Senior Singles Searching for You."

As if dating isn’t strange enough at 49, now we are seniors and somehow sexy and senior don’t seem to go together unless you’re in one of those May-December relationships and only one of you is senior. Or you are Suzanne Somers.

These sexy guys are searching for me? Really? Where are they looking? Do they still drive? Are they yearning to take me out to the early bird dinner?
With so many of us so-called seniors being single I have to wonder why the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows only seem to exist for the young and gorgeous.  If they have to court on reality television to meet people, what are the chances for us more mature ones?

We "seniors" need love too, and if we promise ‘til death do us part, it’s more likely to be a reality. Lack of time is on our side.


  1. A least you aren't getting "Cougar Dating" e-mail just below the "depends" coupons. I'm attending EBWW in April as well. I hope you will stop by the "bird" table and give me a holler on Thursday evening. Jody, The Medicare Mom

  2. Hey, I just saw that Jon Bon Jovi had his photo in the latest issue of AARP Magazine! I don't know if that makes you feel better ... or feel old. It kind of makes me feel old. Never mind!

  3. Makes me feel ancient! That and the impending Rolling Stones 50th anniversary tour. Geesh.