Monday, June 15, 2009

Tell me a story has all sorts of writing contests. There are entry fees, but the prizes are big. They usually have a weekly puzzle, but the most recent was a contest for best six-word story. I haven't had time for much serious writing effort outside my current class, but six words? I couldn't resist. It turned out to be a great writing exercise. If you can think up six words for a story, those six words can get your muse moving toward 600 or 6000.

My six-word story: I could not tolerate his thinking.

A contest winner? Probably not. A longer story waiting to be written? Yep.

What's your six-word story?

1 comment:

  1. My six word story was : We won! Damn, where's our ticket? ....but I don't know if where's qualifies as one word since it's a contraction??? Oh well, it was fun anyway! Thanks for the lead.