Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I'm one of those procrastinating people who does my Christmas shopping last minute even though each year I swear I'm starting early. I carefully choose greeting cards and even get around to making a list of those I will send them to. I have a nice collection of boxed greeting cards, and let's just say I'll need to buy a lot of one cent stamps. My sister, Organized Mama, suggests that I send Easter greetings instead, thus avoiding the holiday stress and still playing nice. Great idea, and I meant to do it.

For writers, it is time to think about the December holidays. Got ideas rolling around in your mind? I'm getting mine on paper and finding my markets. Most publications, with the exception of small locals and newspapers, would like for us to celebrate the 4th of July by sending them our holiday query or article. So I'm working hard at getting in the spirit. My lights are already up. Oh, wait...

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